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Southern Pines April 2014 Calendar


Our own resident, Dacie H. has become a “visiting angel” at Southern Pines. Miss Dacie makes room visits, reading daily bible scriptures or engages in conversation with others. Dacie is a kind hearted resident that finds comfort in being a support to others. We thank you for your dedication to Southern Pines.

Check out the Southern Pines calendar for March 2014:

Southern Pines March 2014 calendar

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Southern Pines February 2014 Calendar

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Local resident preps to return home months after devastating motorcycle accident
Nursing home care restores man’s mobility, independence
New Port Richey, Fla. (Jan. 10, 2014) – A local resident is making a remarkable recovery after a dangerous motorcycle accident that could have rendered him permanently handicapped, or worse.
In March 2013, Albert Grella, his brother, Robert, and a friend set out on a long talked-about motorcycle trip to the Florida Keys. About 4 p.m. the day of their departure, the trio arrived in Miami, where it was raining lightly. Robert lost control of his bike and Albert, to avoid hitting his brother, veered sharply to the right. Albert glanced over his shoulder at his brother not realizing a telephone pole stood just ahead. He hit the pole and was thrown from his bike into a ravine, onto a pile of rock.
Robert was fortunate to escape the accident with ‘road rash’ and a sprained leg; Albert was not so lucky. His life was saved only by his helmet, the entire left side of which was crushed. Nearly every bone in his body broken, he was transported via helicopter to Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, where he underwent a 30-hour operation to, as he said, “put me back together.”
Albert spent three-and-a-half weeks at Jackson Memorial before being transported closer to home, to Southern Pines Healthcare Center.
“When I came around, feeling better after the first month or two, I could not believe what had happened to me,” Albert Grella said.
He began a months-long journey into physical rehabilitation, an experience that proved both physically and emotionally grueling – but, ultimately, successful.
“At first, simple tasks like getting out of bed, getting to the bathroom or sitting at the edge of bed were extremely difficult, at best – not to mention extremely painful,” said Southern Pines Physical Therapist Kenneth Olan.
Albert required considerable assistance from therapists but, after about six weeks, was able to get out of bed for a few hours each day and could bear some weight on his right leg. He continued to progress, undergoing femur surgery last September and a month later receiving approval from an orthopedic physician to bear weight on his left leg while using a walker as he continued physical therapy.
By late December, Albert was independent in all ‘activities of daily living’ – dressing himself, for instance. He continues to use a walker but is working toward using a less-restrictive cane.
Albert is expected to return home independently in the next couple of weeks. And he is also now a staunch advocate for legislation reinstating a law requiring motorcycle riders to wear helmets.
“I owe many thanks to all the employees at Southern Pines for taking care of me,” he said. “In the beginning, I thought I would not be able to use my arms and legs again but (Registered Physical Therapist) Kenneth and (Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant) Bruce kept pushing me every day not to give up. God bless them!”

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Check out the Southern Pines calendar for January 2014:

Southern Pines January Calendar 2014

Southern Pines HealthCARE enlisted their own talented resident; Theresa Z. to paint colorful ceiling tiles to enhance the Quality of Life to residents who remain in their rooms due to illness. In addition to the beautiful colors and soothing flower landscape Theresa provides with her own painting abilities, Southern Pines HealthCARE staff offers comfort to our residents with gentle hand massages, reading short stories and playing soft music.

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Hall of Fame Cafe inductees were honored at Southern Pines HealthCARE on November 1st, 2013.
The five inductees included residents Barbara Hain, Donald Kirby, and Theresa Ann Zehetner. Ursula Stetz was our honored stakeholder and Jack Mariano, Commissioner as our Community Leader.
Family and friends gathered to celebrate the induction of these heroes into The Hall of Fame Cafe. Refreshments were served to the approximately 70 attendees.
A slide show depicted the life of each inductee with photos as their bios were read, then each one was presented with a certificate of honor.
The purpose of the Hometown Heroes program is to change the landscape of long-term care forever and recognize the lifelong contributions of our area citizens. .
The Hall of Fame Cafe was envisioned by Signature HealthCARE in alignment with the vision of the company to care for and honor our residents, and recognize the excellence of our stakeholders and community leaders. The program was launched in the summer of 2003. Over 2,000 inductees have been recognized since then at 77 facilities in eight states.

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