Employee achieves goal of becoming a published author!

I am so excited and proud to announce that our very own MDS Coordinator, Jodi Fego Bolcar, has recently achieved her desire to become a published author! Her first book, Bullet’s Impact, was released on October 28th of this year by Pen & Pad Publishing. Jodi tells a story of a family torn apart by an act of violence, and its struggles with the legal system and life. In this thrilling debut that spans the hospital, the courtroom, and the home, Jodi Fego Bolcar examines the evils of gun violence through the unbiased eyes of a child.

Jodi Fego Bolcar was born and raised in Clifton, New Jersey. Jodi hails from a very big and close Italian family. She married her husband, Brian, in 1983 and they had two beautiful children, a son, Brian, and daughter, Danielle. They now have four grandsons who are the loves of their life. Jodi and Brian moved their familyto the West Coast of Florida in 1990, where they still reside today. Upon moving to the Sunshine State, Jodi pursued her lifelong dream of becoming a Registered Nurse. With a family and a career, Jodi’s passion for writing took a backseat for many years until her children inspired her to write what would become Bullet’s Impact. Life, though, took precedent again and the manuscript sat in a drawer for a few more years until she gave it to her mother to read. Her mother was her biggest critic but also her biggest supporter, and was unrelenting in her insistence that the manuscript’s fate was not continue to collect dust. Upon her mother’s urging, Jodi decided to try and get her book published. She came upon Pen & Pad publishing through her daughter, whose novel Checkmate had already piqued the publisher’s interest.

For those of you bookworms, Bullet’s Impact is currently available through Amazon. I encourage you to purchase a copy, read it and write a review. I am so very glad I made the purchase that first day it was available. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. You can also follow Jodi’s author page on Facebook at authorjodib or Instagram at Jodi1958019.