Thanks to Each and Every Person Who Works at this Amazing Facility

I just wanted to send you a thank you for all the care you gave my 105 year old Mother Elsie Mascara at your facility. My brother, Phil Mascara, and daughter, Tammy Barron, were in personal contact with you and even though I had 4 broken ribs and could not come to the facility when they brought her, I knew you were a very loving and kind staff from the reports I got especially from the daughter Tammy. Phil also told me how helpful you were with the paperwork while he was getting her settled.

I took care of my Mom for over 10 years here in Fort Lauderdale, and when we had to find her a home it was very emotional for my Brother and I. She had a fall and was not good the last year and I had to have help taking care of her with nurses around the clock. I know how difficult she could be on a daily basis and of course we were concerned to find a place that had good care!

We prayed that the Lord would help us chose the right place and to make the right decision. Praise the Lord He lead my Brother to chose your facility and then he and another daughter Kimmy moved Mom to your location, and since daughter Tammy lived in New Port Ritchy your location seemed the most appropriate.

Of course, you never know from the outside what is on the inside, right? I always say “Appearances can be deceiving”. You were NOT. I know you were very kind and patient with my mom because my daughter Tammy kept in touch with me daily about her condition and you’re outstanding care.

You were a great blessing to my whole family because you took such good care of mom.

There are no words I can send you that seem worthy, so I am just thanking you for being the loving, kind and blessing you were while she was there. THANK YOU SO MUCH!