Thanks to our Director of Nursing, Joanna

Dear Theresa,

I wanted to write a special note and tell you how much I appreciate your Director of Nursing, Joanna. Having not met Joanna in person, since I live in another state, it has been a pleasure and a blessing to get to speak with her over the phone and seek her assistance.

Joanna is very kind and attentive. There has not been any major problems or concerns, just a few little things in relation to my Mom, during the time she has been at Southern Pines. She has always been available, attentive and patient. She has a great listening manner and is very empathetic. Even though the concerns I brought to her were small she never minimized the importance of getting things taken care of and having a listening and understanding way about her.

Joanna has a great way of working with people; families and staff. It is not easy to work with both groups when emotions are involved and job duties are in question. Joanna has a great capacity for understanding how to balance the concerns of people without making it seem personal to staff or a bother from family.

Since I have not met her in person, I have to base my perception of Joanna on our phone conversations which have been friendly, caring, extremely understanding and helpful. IF she can convey this over the phone, I can only imagine how great a nurse and Director of Nursing and great a person she is to meet in person – I look forward to meeting Joanna at Southern Pines when I am in town for Christmas within the next few weeks.


Bernadette B.